What is the best solar hot water system?

Free hot water from the Sun will save you money

Choosing the best solar hot water system will vary from home to home, as each household is different. Some of the better-known brands on the market include Rheem, Dux, Aquamax, Bosch and Rinnai. There are options as to how you set up the solar system and/or panels in each case.

People are perhaps most familiar with the solar hot water systems and panels they see mounted on top of roofs, but there are other variations available too, such as heat pumps that don’t even require panels, but have a mechanism to draw energy directly into a tank of water to heat it.

The traditional solar flat panels are being challenged in efficiency and use by another variation, called the Evacuated Tube Solar Collector. This has insulation that even allows hot water to stay hot for use at night or the next day.The result is that with the basic electric or gas-boosted solar systems,you will get free hot water on sunny days.

When purchasing solar panels and systems, be aware there are models where you opt to have the solar power connected to the electricity, which in turn heats your normal (non solar) hot water system; or you can have a solar hot water system installed specifically to supply the hot water needs of the home, while the sun shines.

On rainy and cloudy days, when power is not being generated, a typical solar hot water system reverts to using the household’s main power source and draws from the electricity or gas, depending what your house has on site.

There are so many solar systems on the market and they all give you hot water.


So which one is best suited for you?

When choosing a solar hot water system you have to consider factors like whether your house is single-story or double-story, how many people live there, whether your hot water use is predominately in the day time or night, and so on.

The evacuated tube technology is gaining popularity for its efficiencies and is worth considering, but ultimately you need to compare what’s available and what suits your unique set-up.

Our friendly staff can assist in narrowing down what’s best for your needs and we welcome you to give us a call or drop in to our showroom and see what’s on offer and have a chat.

Investing in solar power is expensive to start with, but it will save you money in the long run! While you’re investigating the best hot water system for your requirements, you might like to understand the differences between gas and electric how water heaters by reading our next blog: Gas vs electronic hot water heaters: which is better?


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