Firstly, let’s not confuse the idea of rusty water with the sometimes-brown water that comes out of a tap after plumbing work has been carried out, or in heavy rains. In these cases the water can be temporarily discoloured due to the pipes getting stirred up by those things mentioned.

When we talk about rusty water,on the other hand, we’re meaning the water that continues to come out reddish or brown not just as a short-term occurrence, but over time. When this happens, it is an indicator that the inside of the hot water tank is rusting and some rusty particles are coming through the hotline.

Eventually this rust will lead to one or more leaks in the system and when that happens, it will be time for the system to be replaced — quickly.

Rather than taking this as bad news, you can choose to treat it as a positive sign, as it means you are getting an advanced ‘heads-up’ that your tank is on its last legs, so you can prepare a plan for replacing the unit as soon as possible, before it bursts and leaks.

Hot water systems generally last around the 10 year mark. If that time is getting close, be sure to keep an eye out for changes in the water colour and start thinking ahead. Setting aside some funds for a new hot water system may not be a bad idea as it can be costly and inconvenient if one is needed unexpectedly and urgently.
The rusty water is easiest to see more clearly in a white basin. If you think you’re seeing a tinge in the water look into it further ASAP, because once you notice it, it will be just a matter of time until you will need to get your hot water system replaced.

So, to reiterate, you should take the rusty water as a useful sign that gives you some time to do your research and organise a new hot water system that will be best suited for the future needs of your household.
If you’ve been noticing rust particles in your hot water, you should take the opportunity to give us a call and enquire about what specials we may have on. Hopefully, your forethought and good timing will land you a great deal on one of our wide range of gas and electric hot water systems.

Please feel free to give us a call to see what we can do for you to streamline the process and make your transition to a new hot water system a smooth and painless one.

If you’d like to know which brands we recommend, take a look at our next blog entitled Which is the best brand of hot water system?

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